Why You Need A Branded Campaign

When working on a Google Ads campaign or even Bing a great and easy campaign to setup is always a branded campaign. This is great, but you may be wondering what a branded campaign is anyways. Let’s go over that first before we talk about why you need it. 

What Are Branded Campaigns?

To put it simply a branded campaign is the strategy of creating a paid search campaign that targets your business name as a keyword. This can include other brand keywords you have that identify your business.

Why would you even pay though when someone searches your name? You should be showing up anyways organically for this type of search (hopefully!). Anyways, that is what we are going to look at now is why you should take the time to establish a branded campaign. 


Cost Per Clicks Are LOW

The first advantage of making a branded campaign is the cost to you to do this is so low. I’ve seen it be pennies for some accounts. The amount of budget required to put towards this is typically very small and will be sufficient to cover 100% impression share of your branded keywords. 


Competitors Could Be Targeting Your Brand 

There are many strategies in PPC advertising. One of these is bidding on your competitors brand name. This is not always a great idea as typically the quality score on their keywords will be very low and it will cost alot more for every click. 

Additionally, the quality of these leads are typically not great. The reason being as it could be already be customers of the business looking to pay invoices, seeking support, or many other reqsons that include them already being engaged with that company. 

There are chances though that potential searchers are not already customers or engaged with that business somehow and are looking to do business for a service/product they may provide. Thus advertisers can try to funnel some of that traffic to them by bidding on their brand keyword. This does happen quite often and should be something you need to know. If your competitor is showing up when someone searches your company and you are nowhere that isnt good! 

Having a brand campaign will solve this and you will typically be able to beat out competitors easily for a top spot too since your CPC is going to be very low to bid on your brand. 


Capture Leaking Leads

A customer’s journey is different for every business. Not just how the business interacts with the customer, but vice versa as well. A great example of this is one of our client’s runs a call center performing cold calls. We run ads targeting high intent keywords for the service the are selling, but we discovered they were getting almost 600 brand name searches a month! This is because of the volume they are putting out from the call center. 



Customers like to do some research before hand, look up reviews or just learn more about the business. Why not control the message they see? Bring them back to engage them and provide a clear call to action for them. Again, the customer journey can be complicated but it is important to be visible to them in the way they are engaging with your business. 


Where To Start

At this point we can all agree a branded campaign is a great way to capture leads and protect your brand at a low cost. If you are unsure how to get a campaign like this setup feel free to reach out to our team! We are more than happy to go over this startegy more and talk about your advertising goals.