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About Us

We Exist To Bridge The Gap Between Leads and Sales

A Little About Us

PPC Foundry exists to provide top tier management services to companies of all types trying to make money from paid search platforms like Google Ads. We started from a need of us trying to use agencies for our other businesses in the past and realizing that a lot of ``marketing agencies`` are not very good and don't really know what they are doing. We try to bridge the gap not only between getting you leads but helping companies understand their true return on ad spend by piecing the sales process together too. Getting leads is all well and good, but if you have a weak sales system you won't make money.

Campaign Buildout

We build your campaigns based on your company goals and overall strategy we decide to move forward with.

Get You The Right Clicks

Traffic isn't the problem, but getting the right people to your site can be hard to pinpoint. Your campaign will generate clicks from the right people.

Get Conversions

With the right people coming to your site you will generate leads of interested customers. We don't stop here though.

Get More Sales

Sales is our end goal not just the lead. We want to make sure you and your team are setup to sell all your new leads.

Certified Partner

Since we specialize in paid search or some call it PPC (Pay Per Click). We are most certainly a certified agency with both Microsoft Ads (bing) and Google Ads. This means we have meet certain criteria that shows these platforms we know what we are doing and that we are also good at it. It's always important to work with an agency that has the chops and know how.