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An Introduction To PPC Foundry

Who We Are

First of all thank you for taking the time to read about our business. I wanted to put out there in a more personable way a bit about who we are that isn’t apart of our official website. I am Tyler Hanson and it is very nice to meet you! I am a marketer that has been involved with many different levels of marketing over the last 10 years as of this writing. Myself and 3 others have decided to set off on this adventure of running a Paid Advertising focused marketing company.

Any new venture is scary, exciting, and time consuming! Did I mention the thing about time? If you are a business owner I know you can relate. Anyways, let’s get back to it.

Why We Exist

There are lots of marketing companies out there that all do different things at different levels. Myself and the others on our team have even sourced marketing companies for our other business ventures. The thing we always found lacking was real craftsmanship. In our case we were looking for PPC Management more specifically Google Ads management. Our specific business during that time was not a very “cookie cutter” niche that you could use the usual Google Ads strategies. Every marketing company we had come in though would insist on these strategies. Nothing worked.

We finally decided to put in the work ourselves and create the success we needed. With that we’ve spent the last 8 years understanding the ins and outs of PPC Management running successful campaigns for our businesses. Again, the part that our business isn’t a normal cookie cutter strategy. That forced us to really think outside the box in how we approach our audience, targeting, and structure.

All of this is to get to the point that we want to put in the extra work with your company. Not just using hashed out strategies, but to understand what makes your company unique. Why people want your product/service over another. What makes your company so special that others need to know.

What We Do

We see ourselves as being paid search craftsmen. A craftsman is someone who is highly skilled in a specific discipline. That is why our main focus for our services is for Paid Search across the many different platforms you can advertise on. This means we aren’t a full service marketing agency. This singular focus helps us to be the very best in this discipline that we hold highly. You can expect results, transparency, quality, and depth in our service.

Figuring out the hard problems is what we do best. Not backing away from the challenges you may face, but working with you to understand them and generate the results needed.

Again, Thank You

Thanks for taking the time to read through this. Earning your business is something we would love to do! Working to figure out those problems and providing you with our team of craftsmen to accomplish your goals.


Tyler Hanson

Tyler is the owner of PPC Foundry and a father of 5 crazy kiddos. While not climbing the rankings of Google Ad Experts he is usually spending time with his family and loves to go and try new food places with his wife.

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